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V5000 Series SMC Solenoid Valve 5/2way 5/3way
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V5000 Series SMC Solenoid Valve 5/2way 5/3way V5000 Series SMC Solenoid Valve 5/2way 5/3way
V5000 Series SMC Solenoid Valve 5/2way 5/3way V5000 Series SMC Solenoid Valve 5/2way 5/3way


V5000 Series SMC Solenoid Valve 5/2way 5/3way

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VF5000 Series Solenoid Valve
VF5000-120 Single solenoid control 5/2 way Port: 3/8"
VF5000-220 Double solenoid control 5/2 way Port: 3/8"
VF5000-320 Single solenoid control 5/3 way Close Cetner Port: 3/8"
VF5000-420 Single solenoid control 5/3 way Exhaust Center Port: 3/8"
VF5000-520 Single solenoid control 5/3 way Pressure Center Port: 3/8"
Voltage :AC220V;AC100V;DC24V;AC24V;DC12V
Operating Pressure : 0.15-0.8MPa
  • VF5000-120/220/320/420/520


  • VF3000-130/230/330/430/530


V5000 Series SMC Solenoid Valve 5/2way 5/3way 12VDC/24VDC/220VAC/110VAC

Why Chose the VF5000 Series solenoid valve ?

1. Pilot-oriented mode: Internal pilot or external pilot. Equivalent with SMC VF5000 Series Solenoid Valve

2. Structure in sliding column mode: good tightness and sensitive reaction.

3. Three position solenoid valves have three kinds of central functionfor your choice.

4. Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.

5. No need to add oil for lubrication to the electric Solenoid Valve.

6. It is available to form integrated valve group with the base to save installation space.

7. Affiliated manual devices are equipped to facilitate installation and debugging.

8. Several standard voltage grades are optional

VF3000-VF5000 Series Smc Standard Solenoid Valve.pdf

VF5000 Smc Solenoid Valve Symbol:

VF3000-120 Solenoid Air Valve symbol

2bit: Two position , the valve piston will move between two poles . 

3bit: Three positon, the valve piston will move between three position .Middle and two poles .

Smc Solenoid Valve Order Code:

VF5000 Series Solenoid Air Valve Ordering Code

Smc Standard Solenoid Valve Specification:

Smc Pneumatic solenoid Valve Fluid


Environment and fluid temperature

high 50


Not required

Manual operation

Screwdriver lock type

Shock / vibration resistance


Seal up

Dust prevention

SMC solenoid valve mode

Direct grommet(G), Terminal(D)

Standard voltage

AC: 110V, 220V(50Hz) DC: 12V, 24V

Allowable voltage variation range

Rated voltage: -15%~+10%

Insulation overvoltage

B class or same class

Power consumption


start-up: 5.6VA, Continued 3.4VA


1.8W/2W(With indicator light)

Surge suppressor

AC: Varistor, DC: Diode

Indicator light Of  Electric Actuator Valve 

AC: Neon lamp, DC: light-emitting diode

1 Year Standard Warranty

Neu-Master Pneumatic warrants these products to the original user against defective material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of 1st use. Neu-Master reserves the right to determine whether the product failed because of defective material, workmanship or other causes and to charge back for missing parts.Neu-Master Pneumatic at its discretion, will repair products covered under this warranty free of charge.

Where the solenoid air valve were used ?

Normally it were used to control the air cylinder(Pneumatic cylinder) . One VF3000-130 is enough to control a double acting air cylinder.

What's kind of thread we could supply ?

The NPT thread port , PT thread port,G thread port . 

Other special port thread request please contact with us . 

How about the lead time , delivery time ?

Normally we keep some stock , so the lead time will less than 7 work days .

The weight of the smc solenoid valve VF5000 series:

Air Solenoid Valve VF5000-130: 0.38Kgs ; VF5000-230: 0.45Kgs ; VF5000-330: 0.53Kgs;VF5000-430: 0.53Kgs;VF5000-530: 0.53Kgs

Is the sample for free ?


Certification: ISO certificate;CE certificate 


Plastic bag-Hard box -Carton-Pallet ; The lead time : 7 work days 

Note: Smc solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Valve, Pneumatic Solenoid, 24v solenoid valve are all for control the air direction for the air tools , air cylinders.

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