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Manager of Automation : Niu Jian

We had fifteen years experience in design and produce the automation equipment. 
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Automation equipment design and manufacture

Automatic production lines greatly improve the woking efficiency, customers will save a lot of manpower costs. One of our core services is to offer small and medium automatic production line, automatic packing and packaging line,automatic testing line, and other automation equipment .
Requirements analysis:
We need a clear understanding of the work procedures which the customer want to complete by the automatic system.
  • First we have to get the products sample and the sufficient communication is necessary to confirm the customers' ultimately needs .
     For example: a number of accessories assembling into a product, therefore we need each part of sample, and assembled product sample .
  • Second, we need to know what's characteristics we need to take care of in those products when we achieve our assembling process. 
     For example, in a glue assembly system, timeliness is critical.       
  • Third: After the complete the assembling ,what's we need to do in the follow-up action.
     For example: the processed products need to be carefully protected to prevent collision. So that we need to pay more attention to design the collect container .
Preliminary programs:
We will submit the initial design within 15-20 working days after the intention is determined.
These programs include the following:
  • The basic dimension of the automatic production line, showing the space required to the customers.
  • The basic function process of automatic production line ,showing the element action to customers.
  • Automatic production line quotation, show to customer costs and benefit ratio.
  • The delivery time of the automatic production line, the expected completion cycle.

About payment: After the receive the confirmation of the scheme,  according to the discussed trade item(FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW, etc.), we need receive 50% of the purchase value.
Start the manufacturing : After receiving the advance payment, we will send the detailed scheme to customer, and begin the construction.
Commissioning: After the completion of the construction , we will carry out the commissioning and debugging facilities
, which requires customers' cooperation to confirm the function. 
Balance: After the confirmation of the production line, the customer needs to balance the rest payment.
About delivery: The machine could be deliveried by sea or air. All will be wooden carton packaged, so they will be protected perfectly .
About feedback: We have a timely response mechanism, all problem will be answered in 8 hours . 

Automatic Assembling System For Quick Coupling

The coupling parts The Accessories
Completed Coupling Completed Product

Automatic Assembling System For Fastening Bolt

Disassembled Fastening bolt The Accessories
Combined Fastening bolt Completed Product
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