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Pneumatic Gripper And Pneumatic Clamp

Pneumatically operated industrial grippers have been commercially available for only a few decades. Prior to this, most gripping mechanisms were designed and built by machine builders employing a combination of

pneumatic cylinders and external tooling for each individual application. Their most common purpose is to 

grasp or enclose parts for transfer, insertion, or assembly in automated manufacturing and processing

systems. Additional uses may include operating in environments that are hazardous for human presence.

Pneumatic grippers provide their motion and actuation by introducing compressed air into a chamber of the device and powering a piston or a rolling diaphragm attached to a rod. The resultant motion of that rod is then converted mechanically to some form of gripping motion. Grippers are typically available in either an angular or parallel jaw version. The term parallel implies that the gripping surfaces of the jaws remain parallel to one another throughout the gripper's travel.

Pneumatic clamp

Pneumatic clamps are actuated by compressed air cylinder. This relieves the strain on the user, particularly where frequent clamping processes are carried out. There is a wide range of pneumatic clamps on offer at NEU-MASTER.

Standard pneumatic clamp

In contrast to manual clamps, a series of pneumatic clamps can be actuated simultaneously or can be closed or opened in a certain order. Single or multiple clamps can also be controlled from different locations – either manually or by machine. According to the toggle system principle, the pneumatic clamp remains closed even if the air supply fails. Moreover, air consumption is low due to the high final transmission ratio. Further advantages of the toggle system are the large opening travel, achieved by the pivoting of the clamping arm, and the optimum force and movement ratios which arise as a result.

Pneumatic Gripper And Pneumatic Clamp
Home » Products » PNEUMATIC CYLINDER » Pneumatic Gripper And Pneumatic Clamp
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