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ITV2090,ITV2091 Series Electronic Vacuum Regulator
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ITV2090,ITV2091 Series Electronic Vacuum Regulator ITV2090,ITV2091 Series Electronic Vacuum Regulator


ITV2090,ITV2091 Series Electronic Vacuum Regulator

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ITV Series Electronic vacuum regulator ,equivalent to SMC
A total of LED Jump Word Display
Protection Structure Up To IP65
Compacted And Light weight.

ITV2090,ITV2091 Series Electronic Vacuum Regulator(Vacuum)

ITV Series Electronic vacuum regulator ,equivalent to SMC

A total of LED Jump Word Display

Protection Structure Up To IP65

Compacted And Light weight

Two Connection Model Can Be Choosed

Short delivery time ,reasonable cost,durable feature .

ITV 2090 Series Electronic Vacuum Regulator.pdf

ITV2090,ITV2091 Electronic Vacuum Regulator Ordering Code:


ITV2090,ITV2091 Electronic Vacuum Regulator Specification:


Minimum supply vacuum pressure  Set pressure -13.3kPa
Maximun supply vacuum pressure -101kPa
Set pressure range -1.3~-80kPa

Power supply

Voltage DC24V±10% DC12-15V



Power supply voltage DC24V:0.12A or less

Power supply voltage DC12-15V:0.18A or less

Input Signal

Current type(Note 1) 4~20mA DC ,0-20mA DC (Sink type)
Voltage type DC 0~5V,DC 0~10 V
Preset input 4 points(Negative common)

Input impedance

Digital input 250Ω or less
Current type Approx. 6.5kΩ
Voltage type Approx 4.7kΩ(24VDC),Approx 2.0kΩ (12VDC),

Output Signal(Note2)

(Monitor output)

Analog output

DC1~5V(Load impedance: 1kΩ Above)

4-20mA DC(Sink type)(Output impedence;250Ω or less )

Output accuracy ±6% F.S. or less 

Switch output

NPN open collector output: Max.30V,80mA

PNP open collector output: Max.80 mA

Linearity ±1%F.S. or less
Hysteresis 0.5%F.S. or less
Repeatability ±0.5%F.S. or less
Sensitivity 0.2%F.S. or less

Temperature characteristacs

±0.12%F.S. /℃ or less

Output pressure


Accuracy ±2%F.S. ±1 digit or less

kPa:Minimum display 1

Ambient and fluid temperature

0℃~50℃(No condensation)
Protective structure
Quite IP65

Note1: 2-wire type 4-20mA DC is not available. Power suply voltage(24VDC or 12 to 15VDC) is required.

Note2: Optional analog output or switch output. If select switch output ,select NPN output or PNP output .

Where the ITV2090,ITV2091series SMC standard electronic vacuum regulators were used ? (Appliliance)

Normally it were installed togetherly with the machine, for controling the inputing vacuum pressure accurately .

Or as the airline vacuum controller ,we could get the stable vacuum pressure .

The difference with other air regulator.

With digital screen .Compacted And Lightweight. Low Power Consumption,Less Than 4W.

Exactly control the outputing vacuum pressure .

What's kind of thread we could supply ?

The NPT thread port , PT thread port,G thread port . 

Other special port thread request please contact with us . 

How about the lead time , delivery time ?

Normally we keep some stock , so the lead time will less than 7 work days .. 


ISO certificate;CE certificate 


Plastic bag-Hard box -Carton-Pallet ; The lead time : 7 work days 

Note: Electronic Vacuum Regulator, Vacuum Regulator, Vacuum Regulator Valve, Vacuum Pressure Regulator, Digital Vacuum Regulator are all for controlling the outputing vacuum pressrue .

What does FRL mean:(FRL meaning ) F = Compressed Air filter ; R= Compressed Air Regulator or Compressed Air Reducer;

L=Compressed Air Lubricator o Compressed Air Oiler

FR.L : FR is a combination of the air filter regulator (F1) .L : Air line oiler, lubricator .

What's the lubricator ? It's a oil injection equipment . When the FRL combo were installed on the machine , and the lubricant was necessary for the air line system , then we need a Lubricator , also called oiler . It's normal pneumatic equipment .

The difference of FR.L and FRL : As the air regulator and filter were combined in the FR.L system , so it is more space-saving . And lower cost .

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