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The Air Actuated Direction Valve
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The Air Actuated Direction Valve

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The Air Controlled valve 

We also called it as : Air valve; Air Actuated Valve

As a control valves to direct and regulate the flow of fluid from the compressor to the various devices like air actuators and air motors , the air actuated valve no need the electric power. 

It also a kind of direction control valves , 3ways-2 postions, 5ways -2 positions .

Symbol of 3A100

The different with  the solenoid air valve, it was actuated by the pressured air , not the solenoid coil with the lead-piston . 

 Same as the solenoid air valve to control the movement of air cylinders. The compressed air has to be regulated, controlled and reversed with a predetermined sequence. Pressure and flow rates of the compressed air to be controlled to obtain the desired level of force and speed of air actuators.

  To control the direction of flow in the pneumatic circuit, pressure air  are used to actuate the air vavle to stop and regulate the     

   direction of air flow through the valve to  help in the distribution of air in the required line.

 Where this kind of air actuated vavle were used ? 


  Normally it was used in the flammable environment . To instead the solenoid control air valve . 

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